In line with the upcoming celebration of Arbor Day on Thursday, 25 June 2020, DENR National Capital Region is showcasing the Heritage Trees of Metro Manila.

Heritage trees are trees chosen by the regional office--following a recommendation by the host community--because they share a common history with the people and place they are found. These are trees that withstood the passing of time and witnessed the urban transformation of Metro Manila. The Heritage Tree Project is one of the flagship program of DENR National Capital Region in urban forestry that aims to save old and mature trees in Metro Manila in coordination with communities and institutions.

Established through DENR-NCR Memorandum Order No. 1, s-2019, the Heritage Tree is part of the urban greening and tree protection program of the regional office. Under the program, trees that are old, rare, native, or endemic, with a minimum girth (circumference) of 100 cm and measures one-half meter above ground are chosen by the DENR-NCR from nominations made by the host community. The purpose of the program is to strengthen mitigating and adaptation measures to prevent the effects of climate change while enhancing biodiversity in the urban forest ecosystem.

Trees included in the program receive special attention and protection from a pool of foresters of DENR National Capital Region to ensure that they live longer and preserve their historical legacy. Trees located in both public and private areas may be nominated as Heritage Tree by groups or individuals who will serve as the tree’s adopter. If the tree is selected, the tree will be provided with a marker and the area at least 5 meters from the edge of the tree crown considered as the tree protection zone. The DENR will provide technical assistance for the care of the tree. Pruning, cutting or removing the tree as well as any work conducted near the tree will require DENR permission.