The Clean and Green office of Barangay Magallanes conducted a cleanup drive on a portion of Maricaban Creek in Makati City on Friday, 07 August 2020.

Ms. Editha Martinez, the coordinator of Barangay Magallanes Clean and Green office, initiated the activity that led to the recovery of an estimated 15 kilos of waste from the creek. Maricaban Creek is part of the Paranaque River System. It is a meandering waterway that passes through several barangays of Taguig City, Makati City, and Pasay City before merging with Estero Tripa de Gallina.

Estero Tripa de Gallina, on the other hand, travels down south and exits to Manila Bay via Paranaque River. Trash that is left uncollected in the upstream and midstream portions of the river system ends up in Manila Bay, contributing to water pollution.

DENR is heading efforts to clean and revive the Manila Bay and is calling on all sectors, particularly the local government to help in the on-going Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program by maintaining the rivers and esteros in their respective areas of jurisdiction trash-free.

(Pictures courtesy of Ms. Editha Martinez)