Months after being prohibited from fishing, municipal fishermen of Metro Manila are back in Manila Bay to catch fish—and provide food to their family and community.

Despite issues on its deteriorating water quality, Manila Bay remains to be a major fishing ground of the country. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Manila Bay contributes a sizable portion to the total fish production of the country. For instance, based on its 2018 data, municipal, commercial, and aquaculture workers of Metro Manila alone yielded an estimated 103,882.87 metric tons of fishery products from Manila Bay.

Manila Bay is a home of biodiversity, embodied with bountiful natural resources which have been the main source of livelihood for residents in the coastal cities and municipalities of the National Capital Region. It is thus important that we keep on working together in the clean-up, rehabilitation, and conservation of Manila Bay, not only for its economic importance but also for its historical, cultural, and aesthetic value.