To inspire and encourage good sanitation practices of Baseco residents, DENR National Capital Region, in partnership with the Asian Terminals, Inc. (ATI), installed a three (3) door public restroom near the beach area. The restrooms were formally turned over to officials of Barangay 649 through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) via videoconferencing app on Wednesday, 27 January 2021.

The agreement covers the utilization, management, operation, and maintenance of the restrooms which are equipped with a water closet, lavatory, water supply lines, sanitary drainage line, vent line, storm drainage line, floor drains, septic tanks, and electrical features.

Under the MOA, Barangay 649 will assume full responsibility for the use, maintenance, repair, and improvement of the project, including but not limited to providing electricity for illumination, water supply for cleanliness, and a security guard or equivalent to avoid damage and vandalism.

The barangay will be allowed to collect reasonable fees for the maintenance and operation of the project following the rates approved in a Barangay Resolution and the corresponding DENR Clearance. Also, they must conduct quarterly monitoring and submit their reports and plans to DENR National Capital Region for the implementation assessment and improvements of the project.

DENR-NCR Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan acknowledged that sanitation is indeed an issue in Metro Manila, especially as it is densely populated and highly urbanized. “Sanitation infrastructure has failed to keep up with population growth and development in NCR, resulting in high fecal coliform levels found in our waterways”, Director Caancan explained.

“In the meantime that we await the completion of centralized wastewater treatment facilities of our water concessionaires, DENR National Capital Region is partnering with both private and non-government organizations like the ATI to help address the issue, even in the community level”, she adds.

The project complements the efforts of the regional office to enhance and enrich the beach area of Baseco through mangrove planting and regular cleanup to help improve the quality of water in the area. Mangroves are known for its potential in cleaning the waters surrounding the area where it grows and in controlling soil erosion and stabilizing the shores.