Volunteers from the Philippine Air Force (PAF) join the DENR National Capital Region in its mangrove planting activity at the Tanza Marine Tree Park (TMTP) in Navotas City on Friday, 25 June 2021.

Lt. Patrick Munar, Director of the CMO, 250th Air wing Base, led the PAF contingent who assisted the regional office in planting mangrove seedlings at TMTP. They were welcomed by DENR-NCR Assistant Regional Director for Management Services, Dr. Al O. Orolfo, North Field Office (NFO) Deputy Chief Environment Office, Forester Daryll Olga Arzadon, and Coastal Resources and Foreshore Management Section OIC Chief, Justin de Ramos, as well as the Bakawan Warriors of TMTP.

Joining the team of volunteers are representatives from the local government led by Punong Barangay Leonora Acosta of Tanza Uno and Barangay Administrator Irma Glomar of Tanza Dos, Navotas City.

Volunteers planted Bakauan Lalake (Rhizophora apiculata), Bakauan Babae (Rhizophora mucronata), and Nipa (Nypa fruticans) at TMTP, one of the last mangrove areas of Metro Manila.

Before planting, Director Orolfo reminded the participants of the importance of trees—the mangrove trees of TMTP especially—in reinforcing our climate resiliency and environmental security.

TMTP, according to Director Orolfo, "serves as a natural protection of Navotas and Malabon City against storm surges and as habitat for several important marines and avian species, including birds that use the East Asian - Australasian (EAA) Flyway." Among the endangered migratory bird species that were seen at the TMTP are Black-faced Spoonbill, Far-Eastern Curlew, and Great Knot.