DENR National Capital Region Assistant Regional Director for Special Concerns, Martin Jose V. Despi met with Syuichi Tajima and Y. Shimazaki of ECOS Environmental Foundation, Inc., to discuss the use of nanotechnology in improving water quality at BASECO lagoon on Monday, 8 November 2021.

Nanobubble technology, according to research, is said to help improve biological and chemical oxidation processes in bodies of water and surfactant removal.  Assistant Director Despi and ECOS representatives discussed the requirements for setting up a demonstration area for nanobubble technology in BASECO lagoon.

BASECO lagoon is one of the mangrove enrichment areas maintained by DENR National Capital Region in Metro Manila. It was established to help improve water quality in the surrounding waters of BASECO and Manila Bay. The area was planted with different species of mangroves and other beach-type flora known for their phytoremediation potentials.

DENR National Capital Region is exploring both engineering and nature-based solutions on the issue of water pollution and the cleanup and rehabilitation of Manila Bay.

Assistant Director Despi was accompanied by DENR National Capital Region West Field Office (WFO) DCEO Rodelina De Villa, and Melissa Loraine Vallejos & Sharoline Silvestre of the Environmental Management Bureau-National Capital Region (EMB-NCR) during his ocular inspection and meeting with ECOS representatives.