DENR National Capital Region, through its East Field Office (EFO) retrieved a Great Eared Nightjar (Eurostopodus macrotis) at Barangay Silangan in Quezon City on Wednesday, 5 August 2020.

The retrieval was made possible through a forwarded message sent by Mr. Carlito Bayron, Jr. on 4 August 2020. The owl appeared to be weak and exhausted was surrendered by a resident who captured and kept it for several days.

The EFO team endorsed the rescued wildlife to the Enforcement Division (ED) for temporary custody before its release back to the wild.  The Great Eared Nightjar is the largest and most conspicuous of the Philippine nightjars. It has pronounced ear tufts and inhabits forests, forest edges, and fields and plains with some tree cover. Currently, the conservation status of this kind of bird is listed as "least concern" in both the DENR and IUCN wildlife database