DENR National Capital Region, through its South Field Office (SFO), removed a total of 420 sacks of water hyacinths from Pateros River in a cleanup held on Friday, 5 November 2021.

SFO personnel were joined by 39 Estero Rangers in the activity which covered parts of the river traversing Barangays Aguho and San Pedro in Pateros.

Pateros River is a small waterway that cuts through the cities of Taguig, Makati, and the Municipality of Pateros. It connects the Pasig River and Laguna Lake via the Napindan Channel and is part of the Muntinlupa-Parañaque-Las Piñas-Zapote (MUNTIPARLASPIZAP) River System, one of the 3 major river systems of Metro Manila.

The recent influx and rapid proliferation of water hyacinths in the rivers of Metro Manila have blocked the flow of water to Manila Bay. It also trapped solid wastes in the river, potentially transforming its waters into a haven for pests and other disease-causing animals.

DENR National Capital Region is leading efforts to remove water hyacinths and clean the waterways of the region in support of the ongoing rehabilitation of Manila Bay. In line with these efforts, DENR National Capital Region is calling on residents of Metro Manila to practice proper waste management at home and support the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.