DENR National Capital Region, through its Manila Bay Site Coordinating Management Office (MBSCMO) and West Field Office (WFO), installed a trash trap at Estero de Sta. Clara in Barangay Kasilawan, Makati City to catch and prevent floating garbage from reaching Pasig River and Manila Bay.

Estero de Sta. Clara is a small open drainage canal that stretches 1.5 kilometers long and cuts through several barangays of Makati City and Manila. Trash thrown into the waterway eventually ends up in Manila Bay if not removed from upstream parts of the Pasig River.

The clean-up, rehabilitation, and installation of trash traps in esteros and rivers of Metro Manila, along with the accompanying environmental education drive of the regional office, is part of the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program and compliance with the Supreme Court Mandamus (G.R. Nos. 171947-48).