DENR National Capital Region, through its Manila Bay Site Coordinating Management Office (MBSCMO) and West Field Office (WFO), installed a trash trap at Estero de Kabulusan in Old Antipolo Street, Barangay 356, Manila City.

Trash traps are engineering interventions designed to block and capture garbage in rivers and streams. They are placed strategically in selected waterways of Metro Manila to prevent trash and other floating debris from flowing further downstream and the shores of Manila Bay.

To regularly monitor and coordinate with barangay officials the hauling of garbage in Estero de Kabulusan, a team of Estero Rangers under the WFO will be assigned.

Estero de Kabulusan is a small waterway that flows out to Estero de Vitas. It spans 1.35 kilometers long and traverses 15 Barangays in Manila with an estimated population of 29,084.

DENR National Capital Region is leading efforts in Metro Manila to clean and rehabilitate Manila Bay. The installation of trash traps and the conduct of regular cleanups is part of these efforts