In addition to the number of health and safety measures that the DENR-NCR management has set in place inside the regional office, Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan has ordered the construction of an improvised disinfecting misting machine at the entrance of the National Ecology Center (NEC) in East Avenue, Quezon City.

Starting Monday, all vehicles entering the NEC will be sprayed with a mild disinfecting solution. Director Caancan saw the need to disinfect all vehicles entering the NEC as the compound receive a number of clients and guests coming from all over different locations. “These vehicles are more or less exposed on a daily basis and the risk of disease transmission is quite high, we need to protect both our clients and employees”, Director Caancan explained.

Many studies have shown that viruses can live outside a human host for several days, depending on the type of surface where it lands. The misting procedure will help out to wash away viruses and germs that maybe on any part of the vehicle. NEC also houses the offices of EMB National Capital Region and Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA)