DENR National Capital Region, through its West Field Office (WFO), initiated a cleanup activity of Estero De Maypad at Barangay 135, Zone 12 in Tondo, Manila City on Thursday, 7 October 2021.

Twenty Estero Rangers joined the WFO personnel in the activity and, together, the team hauled 97 sacks of mixed solid waste – composed mostly of plastic food and beverage wrappers, diapers, and other residual household wastes – and 108 sacks of water hyacinths off Estero de Maypad.

Estero de Maypad is an open drainage canal that connects Estero de Maypajo and Navotas River. It measures 1.8 kilometers long and traverses several barangays of Caloocan and Manila City. Trash thrown into the waterway ends up on the shores of Manila Bay if left uncollected.

DENR National Capital Region is leading efforts to clean the esteros and rivers of Metro Manila in support of the rehabilitation of Manila Bay. Regular cleanup of Estero de Maypajo is part of these efforts.