The regional office held its mid-year Regional Management Conference (RMC) earlier today to assess and come up ways to improve its unimpeded service delivery performance amid the public health crisis brought about by COVID-19.

Assistant Regional Director for Management Services Al O. Orolfo opened the meeting by reminding everyone that instead of being disheartened by the operational challenges posed by the disease, they should look at it as an opportunity to shine and innovate as public servants. The situation, he said "should not elicit a "Can I?" response from DENR-NCR officials and employees but an affirmative "I can" attitude" in the face of what seemed to be insurmountable difficulties.

In her welcome remarks, Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan warned members of the Executive Committee of "quarantine fatigue", or the feeling of weariness brought about by months of physical and social isolation amidst strict compliance to health protocols. She acknowledged the profound mental and physical stress many are experiencing right now because of suddenly changing social norms. But she cautioned against letting our guards down, as the risk of contracting the disease is remains large. "The disease is still out there and being complacent is not the right reaction", Director Caancan said. "We need to support each other, as the demands of public service rose higher with the public health crisis we are facing.", Director Caancan emphasized.

EMB-NCR Regional Director Atty. Don Clemente, assisted by his key staff was first to present their accomplishments and catchup plan–followed by presentation of accomplishment reports by respective division chiefs, section chiefs, and Deputy CEOs of the four field offices of DENR-NCR.

Part of the program was the presentation of the status of the regional office's bid for ISO certification. Director Caancan expressed confidence that DENR-NCR will be able to achieve ISO certification following the positive report and endorsement of the QEMS consultant. The meeting ended with Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services, Engr. Ignacio R. Almira, Jr. summing up the key points of the discussions and encouraging everyone to work closely together to meet the targets of the regional office.