DENR National Capital Region, through its Human Resources Development Section (HRDS), conducted a webinar on “Psychosocial and Stress Debriefing” on Friday, 07 August 2020.

The learning event was attended by officials and employees of the regional office. They were welcomed by DENR National Capital Region Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan who underscored the importance and timeliness of the webinar. Director Caancan mentioned reports of people on the verge of emotional breakdown as they battle with what has been described as “quarantine fatigue”. As the pandemic forced people to change their daily routine and limited their movement, they became more prone to stress. Managing our mental and emotional health, according to Director Caancan, is just as important as keeping ourselves physically fit and healthy during this public health emergency.

Dr. Golda Aira Crisostomo, Senior HR Officer at Al Mansoori Holdings based in UAE, served as the resource person for the learning event. She discussed at length the best practices on building emotional resilience; evaluating one’s mental health; and psychosocial and stress debriefing. She advised the participants to learn how to live with the present and strive to survive as a person with a weak grip on reality is likely to suffer from mental illness. To manage stress, she said to follow three (3) simple techniques, i.e., UNHOOK (from your stress); acknowledge your stress and RE-FOCUS your attention away from it; and finally, ENGAGE in self-care activities.

Assistant Regional Director for Management Services Al O. Orolfo delivered the closing remarks for the webinar. He thanked the resource speaker and the participant—he said that the webinar is but one of the many innovative ways of the DENR National Capital Region management in reaching out and supporting its employees during these trying times. Recently, the regional office also organized COVID-19 rapid testing for its employees for free.