DENR National Capital Region through its South Field Office (SFO), joined officials and staff of Barangay Western Bicutan in Taguig City in the cleanup of Maricaban Creek.

Also participating in the activity are the Estero Rangers assigned in the area as well as representatives from the Solid Waste Management Office of Barangay Western Bicutan Lower led by Kagawad Samuel Cadiz. The effort led resulted in the recovery of 30 sacks of trash from the water body.

Maricaban Creek is one of the waterways connected to ParaƱaque River and traverses several barangays of Taguig City, Makati City, and Pasay City before merging with Estero Tripa de Gallina. Trash thrown in any part of the creek will reach and contribute to pollution in Manila Bay if left uncollected.  DENR National Capital Region is leading the rehabilitation and cleanup efforts in Metro Manila under the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.