DENR National Capital Region through its East Field Office (EFO), conducted a cleanup activity in Libis Tullahan Creek, Barangay Holy Spirit in Quezon City.

The activity was managed by the River Patrol Officers (RPOs) of the EFO, Estero Rangers assigned in the area, and representatives from the barangay. The team covered about 125 meters of the creek and recovered 113 sacks of mixed wastes, composed mostly of plastic packaging and containers, and other solid waste residuals.

Libis Tullahan Creek is a tributary of the Tullahan River and stretches around 2.3 kilometers—passing several subdivisions and urban poor communities in Barangays Commonwealth and Holy Spirit—before merging with Paltoc Creek near Barangay Fairview. From there, it moves northward and merges with Tullahan River proper at the junction of Barangay North Fairview.

As Libis-Tullahan and Paltoc Creek pass two of the densely populated barangays of Quezon City (i.e., Commonwealth and Holy Spirit), keeping its waters clean and free of trash is crucial in reducing pollution in Manila Bay. Trash that is thrown in the upstream portions of rivers and waterways that drain into the historic bay ends up on its shores if left alone.  DENR National Capital Region is leading efforts in Metro Manila to clean and rehabilitate Manila Bay.