DENR National Capital Region through its West Field Office (WFO) and the Estero Rangers assigned in the area, conducted a cleanup activity in Estero de Maypad early this month after reports of water hyacinths and other debris were clogging the waterway.

The team was able to remove a total of 285 sacks of solid wastes—a mix of water hyacinths, plastic packagings, and other residual wastes—from the estero weighing approximately 14,250 kilograms.

Estero de Maypad is one of the tributaries of Manila Bay. It is linked with Estero de Maypajo, Estero de Vitas, Estero de Marala, Tullahan River and Pasig River. Depending on the tide and prevailing currents, its waters exit to Manila Bay via Estero de Marala (also called Navotas River by some locals) or Estero de Vitas. Solid wastes that are thrown into its waters, therefore, reach the Manila bay if left uncollected.

DENR National Capital Region is leading efforts to clean and rehabilitate Manila Bay in Metro Manila.