The DENR National Capital Region through its Conservation and Development Division (CDD) conducted its second-quarter monitoring of birds on Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

The team visited several known bird-watching areas on the coast of Las Pinas, Manila, Navotas, and Paranaque to count the number of bird species—migratory and resident—found in the area. The activity aims to update the data for bird populations in Manila Bay and monitor changes in their number and distribution.

The data from the activity is collected, analyzed, and used as a basis for policy formulation and interventions directed at protecting and conserving known bird habitats along Manila Bay. Birds are recognized as one of the most important indicators of environmental health. One can measure changes in the environment by studying changes in bird populations. A decline in the number of birds usually seen in an area would signify that the quality of the environment is a suitable habitat for birds.