Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan announced on Wednesday, 16 February 2022, the completion of the regional hostel inside the DENR-NCR Technical Services Compound in North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

Director Caancan said that the one-story housing facility can comfortably accommodate 24 individuals and has separate sleeping quarters and washrooms for male and female employees. She said the hostel was built to house employees who live outside Metro Manila and can’t afford the daily travel back and forth. “Our goal is to provide our employees a safe place to stay in Metro Manila during work-week and minimize the health risk associated with the daily commute, especially now that we are facing a pandemic”, she explained.

“The hostel is part of our non-pharmacological interventions to prevent the contamination and spread of COVID-19 in our workplace. This is in addition to our strict observance of using face masks, frequent hand washing and proper hygiene, and physical distancing while at work”, Director Caancan said.

“While most of our employees have already received their COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, we’re still looking for ways to ensure their health and safety”, she added.