DENR-NCR Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan and her staff met with the team of Ms. Nanette Medved-Po, founder and chairwoman of The Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx), a non-profit institution involved in efforts in finding sustainable solutions to the issue of plastic pollution.

DENR National Capital Region and PCEx plan to work together in a project called “Aling Tindera”. Aling Tindera aims to encourage people residing near coastal areas and waterways to recover plastic waste in their area–PCEx in return, will buy the plastics for recycling.

Initially, DENR National Capital Region will be involved in identifying and mobilizing communities in support of the project, both parties agreed that their roles could expand in the future given its importance in the on-going rehabilitation of the Manila Bay.

In the 2015 report on plastic pollution by the Ocean Conservancy Charity and the McKinsey Centre for Business and Environment ranked the Philippines as the third-largest source of discarded plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. Plastics are non-biodegradable−but over many years they breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces, until so small they had to see−these tiny little pieces of plastics are called micro plastics.

With each one of us contributing around thousands of kilograms of plastic waste a year, avoiding single use plastics can make an enormous difference to the environment and ultimately our own well-being.