A team of workers from Barangay San Antonio in Makati City conducted a cleanup in Calatagan Creek and were able to remove an estimated 15 sacks of solid waste that has accumulated on its banks on Friday, 14 August 2020.

Calatagan Creek is part of a drainage network that ran across several barangays of Makati City, including the exclusive villages of Forbes Park, Bel-Air, Urdaneta, and San Antonio. It is connected to Estero Tripa de Gallina and flows out to Manila Bay via the Pasig River or Paranaque River, depending on the prevailing tides. Trash that is thrown in the waterway and left uncollected will reach Manila Bay and contribute to water pollution.

DENR is currently leading efforts to clean, rehabilitate and preserve the Manila Bay—and is calling on all stakeholders, especially barangays along waterways, to participate in the responsibility of maintaining a trash-free esteros under their administrative jurisdictions.