DENR-NCR Assistant Regional Directors, Al O. Orolfo for Management Services and Engr. Ignacio R. Almira, Jr. for Technical Services) visit the Beach and Mangrove Forest Nursery Operations and Livelihood Center in Baseco, Port Area in Tondo, Manila

ARD Orolfo and Almira were accompanied by Foresters Aida E. Esguerra, Conservation and Development Division (CDD) chief and East Field Office (EFO) concurrent Chief Environmental Officer; Arturo G. Calderon, Production Forest Management Section (PFMS); Roel Gallibu; and PASU Rey M.T. Aguinaldo.

They were met by officials of Metro Manila Development Authority who were on-site to monitor activities in Baseco beach area. ARD Orolfo and Almira, on the other hand, were on-site to monitor and participate in the mangrove replenishment planting in the area led by PFMS in celebration of Philippine Arbor Day 2020.

Production Forest Management Section has planted 70 Api-api (Avicennia alba), 25 Nipa (Nypa fruticans), and 15 Culasi (Lumnitzera racemosa) to help improve water quality and biodiversity in the beach area.