wetlands day planting


World Wetlands Day Tree Planting

February 9, 2019


Around eighty (80) Bignay (Antidesma bunius) saplings were planted by volunteers at the La Mesa Water Reservation area in Quezon City on Saturday, 09 February 2019 in celebration of World Wetlands Day 2019.

The volunteers were made up of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, students, and parents and teachers from New Era Elementary School and New Era High School in Quezon City.

Before the tree planting, the volunteers also participated in a lecture-discussion about the celebration of World Wetlands Day and the State of Manila Bay. The importance of wetlands and the need to protect these fragile ecosystem was explained during the lecture-discussion. In particular, it was explained how trees, especially those found in wetland areas like the La Mesa Watershed, help in mitigating the effects of climate change and build more resilient communities.

In addition, trees also help in absorbing and filtering excess rain water, storing it in aquifers. In which case, trees help revive our rivers and aid us in our effort to save Manila Bay from total environmental degradation.

The activity was organized and facilitated by the Regional Public Affairs Office (RPAO) and the Conservation and Development Division (CDD) in coordination with the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of Barangay New Era led by its Chairperson, Carl Marx Bernardo.

WWD 2019 is celebrated under the theme of “Wetlands and Climate Change.” It intends to highlights the wetlands’ role in providing multiple functions and benefits on how to reduce the impacts of climate change.